Jarret Hardie

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The Weather Network (iPhone)

The Weather Network is Canada's national 24-hour weather broadcaster, one of the most popular stations on the television dial. They also make one of the most popular iPhone apps in Canada, routinely featured at the top of the annual list of 25 all-time free apps in the App Store (the iPhone and iPad versions are separate apps, not a Universal single app).

The iPhone version of the app was redesigned from the ground-up in 2011 to offer an astonishingly detailed reports on everything from current conditions and forecasts to expected levels of allergens in the air. I was involved on this project together with TWN's in-house development group.

iPhone (iOS 4+)
  • "Follow me" uses the iPhone's GPS coordinates to provide weather information on the user's exact location, even on the move; no need to search for cities.
  • Slick interface provides navigation hints and feedback using custom animation.
  • Integration with The Weather Network's in-house ad server to support the free app.
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