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Africa 2013: Countdown to the Rains aired on BBC 2 in December 2013. Presented by Kate Humble and Simon King, the program follows the animals living along the Luangwa River in Zambia at the end of a prolonged dry season. Using an unprecedented number of stationary cameras connected by miles of cables strung along the river, the production captured footage around the clock as the animals struggled to survive the drought.

Telling a good story is the key to making a great natural history television program. The presenters used a bespoke iPad app to show viewers the location of the animals and the cameras, sketching the moving herds and shifting territories in real time.

Tigress Productions
Hello Charlie
iPad (iOS 7)
App Store
Bespoke app not deployed via the app Store
  • Custom satellite photos of park with panning and zooming across the map
  • Drag-and-drop animal and camera icons to precise latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Free-hand drawing of regions to illustrate rain, lush terrain and animal territories.
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