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DOOH Video Renderer

Adcentricity is an aggregator of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising screens. They provide a central place to buy and launch national ad campaigns on TV screens like the kind seen in airports, on train platforms and in petrol stations. This relieves a major pain point for large advertisers who were finding it difficult to manage all the independent DOOH networks out there.

Because DOOH networks are independently owned, another pain point is that each network operates different hardware: different screen sizes, different video formats, different loop lengths.

The renderer is a Mac OS X app that records an ad at all the different screen sizes and formats required for the networks involved in an advertising campaign.

Mac OS X
App Store
Bespoke app not deployed via the app Store
  • Ads specified in HTML5/CSS3 (no proprietary format).
  • Desktop app offering socket-based API so that rendering can be directed unattended on a server.
  • Multi-threaded renderer can produce as many ads as memory and CPU will allow.
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