Jarret Hardie

Freelance App Developer. I type for a living.

I'm a builder at heart, but too clumsy to entrust with a hammer or (gulp!) a saw.

How to survive sorting in Python 3

Python Magazine May 2009
The web is the perfect place for a hapless nerd with an urge to create, however, and for years I was a craftsman of the online world. I was lucky to work with some incredibly cool people, and opinionated enough to insist on using great tools (even writing about them from time to time... an equally satisfying creative outlet). If it was delivered through a browser, I was there. If it was an unseen number-crunching, decision-making behemoth, I was there too. A very happy builder indeed.

And then the App Store happened. Technically the iPhone did happen first, but until the App Store I couldn't ship code on an iPhone.

I fell in love with programming when the original NeXT Cube was released. Naturally, I could hardly afford one of my own, but there was always a way to beg or borrow time on someone else's box. Objective-C and Project Builder were a dream. Years later I was lucky to do some training with Aaron Hillegass at the Big Nerd Ranch and begin living that dream, in highly matured form, on Mac OS X. And now suddenly I could carry that same nirvana everywhere with me!

I have been a fulltime freelance app developer since 2011. I specialise in apps for iPhones and iPads. While I have made one or two Android apps myself, I've got too much history with Objective-C to stray far from iOS (though I have some great people who work on Android versions with me). If you have an app project in mind, let's build something great together!